Would you like to listen to stories, poems, the Worcester Talking Book Library newsletter and more over the phone?

Well, now you can.

Dial-A-Story, the new service for the Worcester Public Library and the Talking Book Library, will allow customers to call 505-552-3456 and choose the type of material they want. There are selections of children’s literature, young adult titles, adult fiction and non-fiction, selections of talking books and more.

New content for all ages is updated every month.

ESL take away

ESL in-person classes have yet to return to the library. However, we have a free “ESL-to-go” lesson for everyone on our “take-out” table in the library. Correction key included to verify your work. There are two levels, green for beginners and blue for intermediate students.

ESL persona and no han regresado classes at MTL. Sin embargo, tenemos una lección de “ESL-to-Go” gratis para cualquiera en nuestra mesa de “agarrar y llevar” in the biblioteca. Clave de respuesta incluida para comprobar su trabajo. Hay dos levels, verde para principiantes y azul para intermedios.

We will also be offering pilot ESL courses in Milford City Park. The next one takes place at 11 a.m. this Saturday.

When we are able to offer in-person classes depends on the continued decline in the positivity rate, state and city guidance, and the percentage of people vaccinated.

También, ofreceremos classes piloto de ESL en el parque. Empezamos con una noche en el miercoles, 19 de mayo a las 19h and una clase en la manana en el sabado, 29 de mayo a las 11h.

Cuando podamos ofrecer classes in persona dependent on the caída continued in the tasa de positividad, the orientation del estado y la ciudad y el porcentaje de personas vacunadas.

Treasure hunt

The month of May is “Reading Month”. Scavenger hunts are a way for families to learn literacy skills through daily opportunities such as reading road signs or watching a captioned movie.

Families can pick up their hunts from the children’s room, complete the articles, then submit with a photo of their child ‘caught reading’ to enter a raffle for a $ 10 gift card to Berties Creative Creamery in Milford.

Go ahead and read. Promotion ends May 31.

Have you been caught?

This week, check out the library’s social media pages for photos of staff and their families caught up in the timeless act of reading for all ages.

We also invite customers to share their photos of themselves reading. We would love to see what and where you read.

Photographs by Dave Morin

Dave Morin returns with another photography exhibition this month. This year’s show is dedicated to Ann-Marie Morin Adams and Eric Morin – Dave’s children with his wife, Elizabeth C. Morin. Elizabeth passed away last year.

Be sure to check out all the photos, especially a few of our favorites: “3 Nephews”, “This Is The Day The Lord Made (Drake’s Island, Maine)”, “Narragansett Surfer and Spray”, ” Snowshoeing in Black and White (Uxbridge) “and the” Montgolfière “. Everything will cheer you up.

Morin’s photographs can be consulted at all library opening hours and are displayed by the audiovisual departments and the information desk. He always includes notes on his process, the lens he used to take the photo, and a little bit about why he likes it or what is unique. For example, not all chickadees are cooperative. When they are, it feels good.

A resident of Milford for over 40 years, Dave Morin is unrelated to the Morin’s Studio family. But he’s been an avid photographer since his childhood and has grown into a serious photographer thanks to improvements in digital SLR cameras. He is mainly self-taught and has participated in many local and international trade fairs.

Dave is a member of the Assabet Valley and Stony Brook Camera Clubs. He can be reached on Facebook at Dave Morin Photos or by email at [email protected]

Poetry volume

Giovanna Hughes Paterno, a graduate of Milford High School and a student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, has just published “Road to the Ocean”, a volume of poetry and photographs.

Paterno’s inspiration for the book, a particularly vivid dream about a tidal wave, led her to an inner exploration. Her voice is both accessible and deep in these poems composed over several months in 2021. Photographs of trees, clouds, silhouettes and faces complete her poems.

While pursuing a major in cinema at Belmont, she has been writing poetry ever since she knew how to hold a pencil.

We have added a circulation copy for the library as well as a permanent copy for the Paul E. Curran Historical Collection which includes books by Milford authors. We think we’ll see more of Paterno’s work in the future.

Group of contemporary books

The Contemporary Book Group meets Thursday at 7pm for a Zoom discussion on “The Silent Treatment”, by Abbie Greaves.

Greaves, also author of “The Ends of the Earth” and “Anywhere for You”, has written a novel that resonates with the emotional power of the bestselling novels by David Nicholls and Jojo Moyes. “The Silent Treatment” is a rich and poignant start to lies, loss and a transcendent love at the heart of a troubled marriage.

Obviously, Frank and Maggie share a happy and loving marriage. But for six months, they haven’t spoken, not a single word. Day after day, they ate their meals together and slept in the same bed in an increasingly uncomfortable silence that became deafening to Maggie.

Then Frank finds Maggie slumped in the kitchen, unconscious, an empty packet of sleeping pills on the table.

To reserve a copy of “The Silent Treatment”, or for more information about the group, email Shelley at [email protected]

” Learn to know you “

May is National Foster Care Month, and throughout May and June we recognize and celebrate the diversity of family structures with our “Getting to Know You” community, an oral history journal that young people and their caregivers can do it together.

Unlike family tree projects, which can be difficult for young people with non-traditional family structures, this journal is designed to foster real discussion, not a narrative of who was born when.

The journal includes questions such as “Did you have any pets growing up?” “” What advice would you give to your young self? And “When you were a teenager, what kind of music did you like? »Take a newspaper from the children’s room to take home and enjoy.

Articles by Buckley

The Library is pleased to announce that hundreds of articles on local history that historian and scholar James Buckley wrote during the 1980s and 1990s for the Tri County Advertiser, the Milford Gazette and the Middlesex News have been transferred to microfilm for permanent archiving.

While the Tri County Advertiser and the Milford Gazette no longer exist, the Middlesex News has morphed into the Metrowest Daily News with changes in ownership over time.

A useful article index appears at the beginning and end of the microfilm reel to allow researchers to find articles by subject or by name.

Some intriguing headlines include “Who Was the Leader of the White Slavery Gang?” And the “disappearance of the Milford barber”.

Buckley is a former superintendent of Milford Public Schools. He continues to be a voracious reader and is active in the Milford community.

Back of table puzzle

Our puzzle table has been a big hit with many of our customers. Unfortunately, we had to stop confusing during the pandemic. Now that so many of us are vaccinated, we’re making the puzzles available again.

Look for the new puzzle on the table in the reference area and have fun once more. We chose a beautiful one.

Sewing machine available

We’re excited to add a sewing machine to our stuff library. Love to sew, but your machine has seen better days? Are you missing sewing and can’t justify buying a new machine? You can now borrow our sewing machine for two weeks with your library card. Just provide your own thread and fabric, and start sewing!

Need sewing suggestions? We have a lot of sewing books: for clothes, curtains, baby clothes and more. Check out our shelves and get new ideas.

If you’d like to borrow the sewing machine, or any of our other ‘things’, simply apply in person or online, with your library card.

Want to know what we have? Go to mifordtownlibrary / things.org. Here you will find pictures of the categories of “things” we have available. Click on an image and all the things in that category will be listed. Don’t limit yourself to books, DVDs and CD books, ask for “Things” as well.

Library News is compiled weekly by Reference Librarian Mary Frances Best.

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